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Made in USA Foods and Beverages

Who am I?

After over 40 years in the food and beverage business, I help food and beverage brands get to the next level.  At the last Walmart Made in USA Open Call Summit, I pitched Black Angus USDA Choice Roast Beef and Baby Back Ribs from B.I. Foods with Lee Gugenheim.

My Made in USA Food background!

Whether it is foods or beverages, I spend all my time talking about foods and beverages that are produced in the USA!  As long as we support food and beverage companies from the USA, we help to create jobs in the USA! During my 40 plus years, I have worked with over 100 food and beverage brands sold on the Local or National Basis.

Fast and Easy Right? Well not exactly!

In order to get your Made in USA Food or Beverage brand discovered, 

I highly recommend: 

1. Getting set up on LinkedIn!

2. Getting a LinkedIn Company Page.

3. Doing a trade Show!

4. Doing an ECRM Supplier Summit!

5. Getting set up on RangeMe!

6. Getting set up on RangeMe Verified!

7. Advertising in a Trade Magazine.

8. Doing a press release!

9. Doing a store demo.

10. Setting up your website and blog with GoDaddy!

11.  Getting set up on the rest of the Social Media.

12.  Apply to attend a Walmart Made in USA Open Call Summit!

13.  I almost forgot about getting Transparent with a Smart Label!

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